NVK IT-Distribution cabinets

Yleiskaapeloinnin huoneistojakamo

Norelco product range contains enclosures in various models and sizes, which can be used stylishly in combination with other Norelco panels both in new and renovation sites. IT enclosures have models, which match with Anu, Pate, Kati and Rita panels.

They can have adaptors for almost all different RJ-45 connectors. Models can also include a space for branching of antenna cables. They may also include a adaptor for the optical fibre connection.

Product information

  • Product name: NVK IT-Distribution cabinets
  • Structure name: NVHJ, NVTKU
  • Rated voltage: 400V
  • Rated current: 40A
  • Protection class: 20C
  • Manufacturer: Norelco Oy
  • Business areas: Residential