NPM 530 Compact Substation

Equipped with modular switchgear

The all-new Norelco NPM 530 compact secondary substation (CSS) is meant for basic power network transfer with SF6 switchgear. The NPM 530 comes with Norelco’s type-approved NorMax medium voltage switchgear.

Lower overall purchase costs

Both the CSS and the switchgear are Norelco’s own production. Products therefore have guaranteed easy installation and  affordable accessories. The modular NorMax product family is designed to be used with basic cable ends for reduced costs. Installation is fast and easy with generous installation space. Norelco offers extensive technical support for both compact secondary substations and switchgears.

Generous space for extension and various equipment

The NPM 530 can be fitted up to 14 full-size fuse-switch-disconnectors. In addition the NPM 530 has space for client components like remote control units etc. The roof has quick fastening and the frame has integrated oil collector for transformer. The NPM 530 has space for transformer up to 1000kVA.

Technical specification:

– width      2200 mm

– length     3000 mm

– height     2680 mm

Product information

  • Product name: NPM 530
  • Structure name: NPM 530
  • Rated voltage: 12/24kV
  • Rated current: 630A
  • Manufacturer: Norelco Oy
  • Business areas: Energy, industry