NPM 200 Substation

Flexible system on concrete plinth

The NPM 200 series is a modular outdoor transformer substation with a steel structure and concrete base. NPM can be built into standard types of substation or special types of substations, e.g. substations with two transformers and remotely controlled disconnector stations. Usage of NPM 200 is normally from outside, but it can be also from inside of the substation.

NPM 200 is delivered either with a triangle type or a flat type roof. The delivery includes as a standard a monolithic reinforced concrete base for easy and fast installation. The base contains an oil recovery basin for 260 litres, and feedthroughs for cabling. As an option, the base can be supplied with a larger oil recovery basin. The substation can be equipped with air-insulated or SF6-isolated equipment. The colour and coating options for the NPM-200 system are

  • crushed stone coating: e.g. natural white, red granite, grey granitei
  • wooden board panelling
  • painted surface

NPM transformer substations are manufactured from hot-dip galvanized sheet steel. For maximum service life the welded parts are treated with hot-dipped zinc-coating after welding. Norelco outdoor transformer substations can be found everywhere across Finland.

Product information

  • Product name: Norelco NPM 200
  • Structure name: NPM 200
  • Rated voltage: 12/24kV
  • Rated current: 630A
  • Manufacturer: Norelco Oy
  • Business areas: Energy, industry
  • Product brochure: Download product brochure