NorBus 5000 Busbar Trunking

Designed for each project


The Norelco busbar trunking solution is the overall economic method for the connection of heavy power equipment. The typical applications are:

  • connection of two or more NorPower 5000 multi-cubicle switchboards
  • connection between a distribution transformer and NorPower 5000

Busbar trunking solutions are used in energy distribution, industry and indoor transformer substations. Norelco busbar trunkings are metal-enclosed structures, which are designed individually for each project.

NBorBus 5000 is a metal enclosed structure. It is made of hot dip zinc coated steel. The busbars are made of aluminium or optionally from copper. The modular system consists of the following standard units:

  • straight busbar 1.5 m
  • 90 degree horizontal angle
  • 90 degree vertical angle
  • internal fire protection barrier
  • flexible copper connection on the distribution transformer end
  • standard connection to Norelco NorPower 5000 switchgear

The following options are available:

  • aluminium enclosure
  • current transformers
  • longitunal flexible joint, recommended for busbars of over 20m length
  • painted enclosure

The NorBus 5000 is designed, manufactured and tested at the factory and delivered in pieces not exceeding 3.5 meters

Product information

  • Product name: NorBus 5000
  • Structure name: NorBus 5000
  • Rated voltage: 400/690 V
  • Rated current: 5000 A
  • Manufacturer: Norelco Oy
  • Business areas: Energy, industry, business and commercial
  • Product brochure: Download product brochure

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Hämäläinen Ari
managing director
Telephone +358 50 529 1919