CGMCosmos SF6-switchgear

Modular SF6-switchgear

CGMCosmos is a 12-36 kV medium-voltage switchgear for building electrical networks. It includes both modular and compact RMU switchgears, which can all be mutually connected with an advanced connection system. In the switchgear also the busbars are in a hermetically sealed gas housing to improve the fault tolerance of the switchgear.

The cubicle options available for the modular CGMCosmos system are:

  • circuit-breaker
  • load-break switch
  • fuse load-break switch
  • busbar load-break switch
  • cable riser
  • busbar riser
  • metering

The standard options for the compact CGMCosmos system are:

  • 2L + 1P  (L=load-break switch, P=fuse load-break switch)
  • 3L + 1P
  • 2L

Product information

  • Product name: CGMCosmos
  • Structure name: CGMCosmos
  • Rated voltage: 12/24kV
  • Rated current: 630A
  • Protection class: 20D
  • Manufacturer: Norelco Oy
  • Business areas: Energy, industry, business and commercial
  • Product brochure: Dowload product brochure

Contact details


Hämäläinen Ari
managing director
Telephone +358 50 529 1919