ANU Distribution panel for flush-mounting

IT-distribution cabinets available in the same or separate frames

ANU and PATE panel models form a selection of flush-mounted and surface-mounted residential distribution panels and their IT enclosures, which is the most extensive selection on the market. The panels also include solutions for renovation projects. All panels can be installed either vertically or horizontally, according to the space available.

Deliveries are performed extremely flexibly, following the progress of the customer’s project. Any changes in needs during the course of the project are managed flexibly.

ANU for flush mounting

The stylish steel-framed Norelco ANU can be used as the flush-mounted distribution panel of apartments and small properties. The parallel model PATE is a surface-mounted model. The panels are fitted with a main switch with 3 or 4 poles, feeder circuit-breakers, residual current breakers and other DIN components required by the customer. ANU family consists of 8 panel models of different sizes.

Easy to install, smart result

In the installation stage, a separate flush-mounting enclosure is installed into the wall, leading tubings and cabling to the enclosure. ANU panels are installed in this enclosure, whereby only the cover and door remain visible. The protection door can be easily installed also at a later point, to be opened to the right or to the left.

The range also includes a integrated panel and IT panel or separate IT enclosures. It can also be fitted with adaptor for the optical fibre connection. The standard colour of ANU is Norelco white. Panel structures are manufactured from hot-dip galvanized sheet steel.

Product information

  • Product name: Distribution panel ANU
  • Structure name: NVRUU
  • Rated voltage: 400V
  • Rated current: 40A
  • Protection class: 20C
  • Manufacturer: Norelco Oy
  • Business areas: Residential