Norelco is doing every year hundreds of projects with our customers.
Here are some different kind of projects.

St.Petersburg’s northern wastewater treatment plant NWWTP, Russia

St.Petersburg’s northern wastewater treatment plant (NWWTP) is responsible for treating a large portion of the city’s wastewater, which has a population over 5 million. Norelco delivered the MV withdrawal switchgear, NorPower 5000 process control MCC’s and NorBus 5000 busbar ducts for this project.

RTB Bor Flash Smelter, Serbia

RTB Bor flash smelter forms copper into anode-form. The flash smelter furnace and its auxiliary equipment were a project where Norelco delivered the NorPower 5000 process MCC’s, NorBus 5000 busbar ducts and control boxes.

HUS Kolmio Hospital, Helsinki, Finland

The hospital is home to a day clinic, dialysis care center, MRI-unit and various wards, departments and operations. There are beds for 210 patients. The area of the hospital is 25.660 m2 and its volume is 122 000 m3. Norelco delivered the NorPower 5000 main switchboards, NorBus 5000 busbar ducts and all switchboards for normal, emergency and UPS electricity distribution.

Boliden Odda Zinc Smelter, Norway

Boliden Odda zinc smelter produces zinc for the global market. Norelco delivered NorPower 5000 motor control centers with Profibus and Frequency converter-controlled withdrawal units for a capacity increasing project.

Hasintie Primary Substation, Varkaus, Finland

This 110/24kV substation supplies the industrial and residential area of northern Varkaus with electricity. Norelco delivered the NorSwitch substation building equipped with NorMega withdrawable MV switchgear and DC feeders and two separate NPM secondary substations. All this was delivered and installed on site.

Ovako Steel, Transformer Substation, Imatra, Finland

Norelco delivered a factory made NorSwitch transformer station for Ovako Steel factory.It was installed next to the old pumping station, on a concrete plinth. The building was delivered in two parts which were joined on the site. The transformer station includes two distribution transformers and a warm control room with NorPower 5000 distribution boards.

IDO, Substation Renovation, Raasepori, Finland

Norelco made a complete restoration of the transformer room at IDO porcelain factory. We took out the old switchgear and substituted them with new NorMax switchgear. The swithgear was connected to the old distribution transformers. The whole operation was done during a short production break.

Keljonlahti Power Station, Jyväskylä, Finland

Power Station is producing in full power 240 MW heat and 130 MW electricity. Main fuels are wood and peat. Norelco was delivering to Power Station NorPower 5000 system.

Jiangshu Bohui Paper Machine BM1, China

Jiangsu Bohui Paper Industrial Co., Ltd manufactures packaging paper boards and other paper goods. Norelco delivered the NorPower 5000 motor control centers needed for the control and protection of paper machine BM1.

VARMA-Talo Office Building, Helsinki, Finland

Varma-talo is an office building spanning 66.000 square metres and is home to pension insurance company Varma’s headquarters as well as numerous other companies. Norelco supplied all NorPower 5000 main switchboards, NorPower 1250 air conditioning switchboards and NorLine 800 switchboards.