About Norelco

Norelco is the leading Finnish manufacturer of power distribution systems, founded in 1962 and designing and manufacturing systems for the power sector, industry, business and office premises and residency.

Efficiency and reliability for energy distribution

Norelco, founded in 1962, is one of the leading european manufacturers of electric distribution systems in europe and the biggest in Finland. We design and manufacture LV and MV switchgear for the energy, industry and construction sectors. We offer efficiency and experience for our customers’ energy distribution projects:

  • we plan and develop customer specific solutions for new projects and renovations
  • we manufacture installation friendly and innovative switchgear for your project
  • we act as a reliable partner through the life-cycle of the products
  • we offer quality operations in all phases of the delivery
  • we manage your projects with experience

We specialise in low and medium voltage switchgear and substations and related services.

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St.Petersburg’s northern wastewater treatment plant NWWTP, Russia

St.Petersburg’s northern wastewater treatment plant (NWWTP) is responsible for treating a large portion of the city’s wastewater, which has a population over 5 million. Norelco delivered the MV withdrawal switchgear, NorPower 5000 process control MCC’s and NorBus 5000 busbar ducts for this project.

RTB Bor Flash Smelter, Serbia

RTB Bor flash smelter forms copper into anode-form. The flash smelter furnace and its auxiliary equipment were a project where Norelco delivered the NorPower 5000 process MCC’s, NorBus 5000 busbar ducts and control boxes.

HUS Kolmio Hospital, Helsinki, Finland

The hospital is home to a day clinic, dialysis care center, MRI-unit and various wards, departments and operations. There are beds for 210 patients. The area of the hospital is 25.660 m2 and its volume is 122 000 m3. Norelco delivered the NorPower 5000 main switchboards, NorBus 5000 busbar ducts and all switchboards for normal, emergency and UPS electricity distribution.

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